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Bare metal programming of Cortex-R5 with TE0802 ?

Started by jsm, March 13, 2021, 09:41:28 AM

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Hi all,

I am trying to do bare-metal programming only on the Cortex-R5 of the TE0802, initially I don't want to run anything in the A53 or FPGA. I have just recently started learning how to work with this board, do you have any advice about the simplest toolchain and flashing/debugging environment I could use? Is it possible to use gdb/OpenOCD?



Hello World with R5 should be similar like Hello World with A53, select other core on your Vitis setup. Debugging with together with U+ Zynq is not the easiest way, I would more recommend to create Boot.bin and boot design from SD.

QuoteIs it possible to use gdb/OpenOCD?
Sorry I haven't any experience with this open Source software



Thanks, I am now installing Vitis, I will see how it goes.