Author Topic: SCSoC Platfrom Package for TE0726 Zynqberry  (Read 1406 times)


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SCSoC Platfrom Package for TE0726 Zynqberry
« on: December 08, 2018, 03:01:19 PM »

Did anybody manage to build a Zynqberry SCSoC Platform package for 2017.2 or later? The format seems to have changed from the 2016.2 (and earlier) platform package format which is available from the te0726_m_sdsoc reference design.

I am trying to port XAPP1300 (Very good paper on a Lucas-Kanade Optical Flow SCSoC implementation!) to the zynqberry. Unfortunately it doesn't fit to the xc7z010 device with 2016.2. With 2017.2 it fits with the available microzed platform (which has a xc7z010 too). It needs 98.5% of the Slices, 55% of the Block RAMs and 90% of the DSPs  :)
But most of it is overhead for the FIFOs and interconnects and I am ultimately trying to integrate it into the zynqberry demo project to make it switchable between viedo pass-through and real time dense optical flow output.

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