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Zynqberry new ref design

Started by Antti Lukats, April 05, 2016, 12:13:41 PM

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Antti Lukats

Just sneak preview: we have no fully working demo that includes support for MIPI camera, HDMI, ALSA audio output (PWM in the audio jack). We also are working on RPi compatiblen RaspiGPIO IP Core that includes pin function mux fairly compatible zu RPi, with the support of devicetree and generic pin mux controller.

stay tuned, its is coming soon to zynqberry's on your desk!



Do you have a small project working with MIPI camera? If not, is there a planned date?



Antti Lukats

yes, it is is downloads, but currently only for vivado 2015.4, update to 2016.2 will come too.