Author Topic: Can I change the factory settings of my module?  (Read 8305 times)


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Can I change the factory settings of my module?
« on: June 07, 2010, 05:47:15 PM »
Q: Can I change the factory (= default = non-volatile) settings of my module?

Factory/default/non-volatile settings are those settings that are loaded by the GPS receiver/module at power on.

It is technically possible for a user to change the factory settings of a MediaTek GPS chip, but:
  • the write protection flag shall be reset (see e.g. Mini GPS application, Test panel, Write setting into flash section)
  • it is not supported by GlobalTop Technology
  • it is limited to 8 times (afterwards the command is disabled)

If you need your own default settings different from GlobalTop default settings, we recommend you to contact us before buying your module(s), so that we can have GlobalTop program the internal Flash memory with your own settings for free.
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