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Problem TE0802 QPSI boot mode

Started by faly477a, June 16, 2023, 12:05:39 AM

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I have some problem at the configuration of the TE0802-02-1AEV2-A. I have followed the guidance from the "Getting Started Guidance'' (link :, after I chossed the product I possess (TE0802-02-1AEV2-A, and there comes an error like below I have tried to boot with other Product (for example : TE0802-02-2AEV2-A ), and there was no such error. Is there any adjustment or update that I haven't done ? thank you very much ;D


M Kirberg


you did not post an error.
I see you already used our mail support channel.
Please now only use mail support, to avoid confusion.