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Winbond SPI Flash W74M64 compatible with W25Q64 ?

Started by midiwidi, March 26, 2022, 02:12:46 AM

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Hi all,

I'm making a FPGA design where I want to use the Winbond SPI NOR flash on the SMF2000 board with a simple softcore CPU which I designed a while ago.
I want to keep the design simple and the bootloader code small. I couldn't find that in the data sheet of the W74M64 which is only talking about the authentication features I think  Is it possible to use this device without any of the security features? I believe the authentication features are totally separate to the normal flash access. How is the flash memory part accessed, just like a SPI NOR flash without authentication such as the W25Q64? Are these 2 devices compatible if I don't want to use the security features?


I will answer the question myself for others who might come across this question.

After carefully reading through the datasheet again, I discovered the following short chapter, almost at the end of the document


Digit number for all Spi-Flash features, DC and AC parameters, and functions of this product, please refer to the datasheet of W25Q64FV which can be found on Winbond web site http:// or"

This makes me believe that the device can be accessed just like the W25Q64.