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resetting after flashing QSPI

Started by jhane, February 11, 2021, 03:01:45 AM

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I would like the automate the initial flashing of a TE820. 

I want to write a BOOT.BIN to the QSPI that has a special version of u-boot using the program_flash command.  I can flash the file to the QSPI, but I have been unable to reset the board via xsct.  I want to reset the board without touching it so that it will run my special u-boot.   Any ideas on how to do this?



Vivado can do reboot via TCL command, but problem, that soft rebooting  depends also on previous programming(sometimes it doesn't work). In case you has linux running on TE=820, you can also start reboot command from linux console (connect via SSH for example), but linux reboot has the same problem link Vivado reboot and there are some petalinux versions where it doesn't work.