Author Topic: How to program flash on TE0720 with FPGA configuration via JTAG and Vivado2014.2  (Read 224 times)


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Hi everyone,

I am using TE0720 and have a .bit file currently. I would like to program the flash on TE0720 using JTAG lines. I am currently using Vivado 2014.2
We are not using PS part but have only PL part in our project. I am relatively new on handling this issue.

I went through the wiki page. Under the TE0720 test board tab, I could not find anything about programming the board using JTAG.

Can someone suggest how I can program the flash on TE0720 with FPGA configuration using JTAG lines?

Thanks in advance,



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you work with Zynq. QSPI is connected on PS, so you need processor part for booting (minimum FSBL).

We offer reference design for newer Vivado versions:

Here are  also some references to Xilinx documentation about this topic:

PS: Is there s reason why you use this very old vivado version from the beginning of Vivado? I would recommend to use newer one.  We use currently 19.2 and we will make next updates to 20.2