Author Topic: Second Ethernet PHY on TE0706  (Read 1768 times)


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Second Ethernet PHY on TE0706
« on: March 06, 2019, 07:08:05 PM »
Creating this post as reference to anyone else trying to get the second Ethernet PHY on the TE0706 working.

  • Module: TE0715-04-15-1I3
  • Carrier: TE0706

  • Vivado: 2018.3
  • Petalinux: 2018.3

This post was my initial reference:

This reference design was my starting point:

Vivado Changes:
  • Modified the pinout from the reference project to match the TE0715
  • For the TE0715, all IO needs to be set to 1.8V.  This involves updating the constraints to set the correct IO standard.  It also means changing the jumpers on the TE0706 to 1.8V

Petalinux Changes:
  • Updated my system-user.dtsi to add the following to gem1 in device tree: gmii2rgmii-phy-handle = <&gmii_to_rgmii_0>;
Code: [Select]
&gem1 {
gmii2rgmii-phy-handle = <&gmii_to_rgmii_0>;
  • In kernel config (petalinux-config -c kernel), added support for GMII2RGMII driver

I am not sure if all of the above are required to make it work as I haven't gone back through and removed each change to test.  I did try a variety of other suggestions posted on the Xilinx forums but they seemed to cause more problems.  I assume those suggestions are for older version of Vivado/Petalinux or different hardware platforms.