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Board has wrong crystal oscillator

Started by sonycman, May 25, 2018, 09:43:31 PM

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I`am started the project for my SMF2000 board and just found the problem - main crystal oscillator has too high frequency!
In schematic and on the board Y2 has the frequency of 25MHz, but latest version of Libero software (11.8 SP3) takes no more than 20 MHz.

Tried both Chip Oscillator and CCC cores - 25 MHz is too high and not allowed value.
I`am sad :(

Fortunately, board has 12 MHz oscillator for FTDI chip, which I planned to use anyway...



Hi sonycman,
probably it's already too late to respond to you (just noticed this forum exist), but I will do it anyway just in case somebody else has the same problem.
The schematic has CX3225CA25000D0HSSCC (25MHz) on main xtal input and esc-.327-9-34B-C-TR (32.768kHz) on aux xtal input.

So I started Libero 11.8 SP3 and I can use CCC and use Reference Clock -> Oscillators -> 25/50MHz Oscillator which then gets turned into 50MHz which then with CCC can be generating 71MHz (which then can be 142MHz for M3 clock and 71MHz for the busses/memories).

When I use Reference Clock -> Oscillators -> Crystal Oscillator and I can type free range frequency, that is limited to 20MHz. But for 25 or 50MHz oscillators, there is separate dropbox entry which I tested and works for me.

TL;DR; Probably you are using a wrong entry in the menu as there is a dedicated 25/50Mhz option (which I synthesized and works for me).


Hi Anton,

I think Vlad is correct that the crystal input cannot be configured to be 25MHz. Document UG0449 in section 2.1 in figure 1, it states the "Main Crystal Oscillator" is 32 KHz - 20 MHz.
The 25/50 MHz you selected is an internal oscillator.

Strange that this is not being corrected.