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How to turn the FT2232H to the FlashPro5?

Started by flammmable, May 31, 2024, 05:07:59 PM

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There is a topic where tells how to config a 93C56 memory attached to the FT4232 chip in the FlashPro5 programmer.

I have a FT2232 board and I config this as topic tells. My board recognized by the FPExpress as a FlashPro5 programmer. But the Ping command runs with an error:
"warpFtdi_FT_OpenEx - Port D".

The FT4232H chip has four ports and the FT2232 has only two ports. Obviously the FPExpress try to use the PORT D that the FT2232 does not have.

But your TEM0001 devboard use the FT2232 chip with PORT A!

So, how to config the FT2232 to turn it to the FlashPro5?