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programmer / USB-cable for Cerebot / chipKIT

Started by Hengist, June 21, 2012, 06:27:11 PM

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Q: When is an external programmer / USB-cable recommended / required for Cerebot / chipKIT?

Cerebot or chipKIT can all be used without any programmer. For chipKIT boards and Cerebot boards without built-in programmer, an external programmer might be recommended under certain circumstances. Example of such circumstances are:

  • use of Microchip MPLAB IDE
  • bootloader change

The following table summarizes when external programmer or USB-cable are recommended:

programmerUSB A to mini-B cable
chipKIT Uni32recommended (e.g. Microchip PICkit3 + PICkit3 Programming Cable Kit)recommended
chipKIT Max32recommended (e.g. Microchip PICkit3 + PICkit3 Programming Cable Kit)recommended
Cerebot MX3cKrecommended (e.g. Microchip PICkit3)recommended
Cerebot MX4cKbuilt-in = on-boardrecommended
Cerebot MX7cKbuilt-in = on-boardrecommended
Cerebot MC7built-in = on-boardincluded
Cerebot MX7cKbuilt-in = on-boardincluded