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TE0720 D5 LED behavior?

Started by AaronB, November 29, 2023, 05:43:50 PM

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I am currently booting petalinux using a TE0720 mounted on a custom board.  In my boot image, I have a firmware image that should be getting flashed by the first stage boot loader.  Everything seems like its working, so maybe this is a request for information.

Can someone tell me if this D5 LED is supposed to continue blinking forever?  This is what I am seeing, but for some reason, I thought it was supposed to stop blinking once the firmware was programmed.  I'm poking around in petalinux, and it looks like my firmware might be loaded.  However, I wonder if I did everything correctly.

the TRM only says this LED is controlled by the System Controller CPLD, without reference to its expected behavior.  I understand through experience and forum posts that it blinks quickly for QSPI boot and slowly for SD boot.  There are also forum references to 1/8 duty cycle blinking in some cases, though I don't think I've ever seen this.

I have seen forum links to a wiki page on trenz's website, but I don't appear to have access to that.  I get an Atlassian login page that doesn't appear to accept my credientials for


TE0720 CPLD Description is here:
What's the status of the other 2 LEDs?

There is normally some problem in case it blinks.
If everything starts up correctly. LED5 can be controlled from user via MDIO interface, see:
Examples to get access are included into the documentation or our reference designs: