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run properly without J3 connected

Started by Ortabow, September 13, 2023, 08:47:52 AM

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I wonder if is it possible to not place and populate connector J3 on TE0745 carrier board due to BOM cost and space reduction? Will the board boot and run properly without J3 connected?

Thanks in advance


theoretical yes, but the question is which interfaces you need and of you  really save money....
--> MIOs which are on J3 are not available--> do you need them?
--> PL Bank33 is not available --> do you need them? and pins are floating(maybe problematically on your end product --> emv)
--> Standard Trenz Test is maybe not longer possible
--> additional effort for production

So it depends on the quantity of your order, if you really save money.
In case you are interested on module customisation, write to