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series 7 zynq board Serdes termination

Started by cucchi, March 29, 2023, 03:22:21 AM

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I wanted to buy some of the Trenz Series 7 Zynq boards for a project. This will be attached to a camera with 18 pairs of LVDS25 signals. I noticed that the Trenz boards do not have a pad for them so I may make a termination. Since the Zynq has "HR" ports only and "DCI" is not available then how to I make the termination to the FPGA or is termination ok at the point on the connector mating from my camera board. Please advise, maybe I'm missing an aspect of the LVDS and I may need some education on this subject.
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Daniel C.     ;D


there are also 7 series zynq with HP Banks available.
TE0715 with Z030 assembled for example or TE0745...all a Zynq >= Z030 has HP IOs.
We have some table where you can check which Modules has HP IOs:
--> also as excel on the download area evailable.