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TE0712 JTAG Question
« on: January 25, 2023, 01:22:38 PM »
I have TE0712 board with TE0701-6 carrier. I wrote code in Vitis, and flashed it through USB into flash memory including bitstream. Problem is that project does not work as it supposed to. My question is  are there possibilities to program and debug TE0712 using miniUSB JTAG? If programming with JTAG is not possible is there at least one option just to debug microblaze with USB?

Also have you got any ideas why uartlite with interrupts in baremetal application does not receive all data? It goes in interrupt and then receive some data, ale most of them are lost. I have tried a lot, reset fifo, disable interrupt during ISR, read by bytes, read whole register, check status in while loop to have prove that uartlite report having some data in regs. All in all i think that almost every possible combinations were tested with no success.


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Re: TE0712 JTAG Question
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