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TE0720 boot problem

Started by bigguiness, December 20, 2022, 01:06:43 AM

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Hello all,

I have not used my TE0720 for a while. It was confusing me so I picked up a PYNQ-Z2 to try and figure out the basics first.

I'm now trying to use the TE0720 again. I have it on a TE0706 carrier board and it was working last time I used it. But now when I power it on I just get a solid green LED and the red LED is blinking at a 50% duty cycle. I think the DONE LED also turns on (very briefly) when power is first applied.

I checked the SD Card and it appears fine. It only had 3 files on it: boot.scr, BOOT.bin, and image.ub. I can't remember exactly where those files were from but I think it was a Petalinux setup that had both Ethernet ports working.

Any ideas why the board is not booting?



did you set correct boot mode?
Set S1-3 to ON

Did you select correct assembly variant? We offer different assembly variants, depending on the variant you need different setup.

Can you try out prebuilt binaries from our newest reference design:
SD card must be formatted as fat32



Hi John,

If I set the DIP switches like shown in the TRM (S1-3 to ON S4 to OFF), when I connect the power supply all three LEDs on the TE0720 blink quickly.

If I set all the DIP switches ON I get the Green LED ON, the Red LED flashes at 50% duty cycle. I can't till if the BOOT LED turns on or not. If it does it's very quick.

The power supply I am using is 5V @ 2.5A. Do I possibly need more current?



Quotewhen I connect the power supply all three LEDs on the TE0720 blink quickly.
you mean LED D5,D2 and D4
This isn't a valid state
D4 is Done LED, this can only blinks if your FPGA Designs control this LED or you has some problem with power.
In your case I think it's a power problem. TE0706 has a over/undervoltage protection.
Can you measure Voltage on J1 and maybe after U9?
See Schematic and AD:

Maybe voltage is to low (long thin cable or so...)




Just to clarify, with all the DIP switches ON the LEDS are:
D2 Green LED is ON
D5 Red LED is blinking at 50% duty cycle
D4 Green LED is OFF (it may quickly flash ON when power is first applied, I can't really tell)

I measured some voltages on the J6 connector:
J6A A1 and A2 - 5VIN - 5.139V
J6B B1 - VCCIOC - 0.468V
J6B B32 - VCCIOA - 0.468V
J6C C31 - 3.3V - 3.329V
J6C C32 - M3.3VOUT - 0.642V

I also have a TE0703 carrier board. I pulled the TE0720 and put it on that carrier. Using the same SD card that setup was able to boot.

Looks like I may have a problem with my TE0706 carrier board.



Since I verified the TE0720 board still works I put it on my custom carrier board and it booted!


Now I have a LOT to do to get the FPGA code I have working on the PYNQ-Z2 and ARTY-Z7 boards running on the TE0720.



Good o hear that it works with the other carrier.
Regarding TE0706, check EN1 DIP. Maybe it's simple set to disable som:

Good luck with the porting of your design, merry christmas and a happy new year!