Author Topic: TE0820+TE0706,running Linux and FreeRTOS parallel  (Read 2089 times)


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TE0820+TE0706,running Linux and FreeRTOS parallel
« on: December 09, 2019, 05:21:05 PM »
i am trying to run Linux on A53core and FreeRTOS on R5core parallel. Now i can run two system on the board separately. But i have no idea, how to run twos system at the same time.
I have tired to follow xilinx docs (xapp 1107),but nothing worked. If there is any user guide i can follow?
some demo i found looks like followed:

#define sev() __asm__("sev")
#define CPU1STARTMEM 0x20000000
void StartCpu1(void)
#if 1
fsbl_printf(DEBUG_GENERAL,"FSBL: Write the address of the application for CPU 1 to 0xFFFFFFF0\n\r");
fsbl_printf(DEBUG_GENERAL,"FSBL: Execute the SEV instruction to cause CPU 1 to wake up and jump to the application\n\r");sev();

but some commandS don't work anymore in SDK. I used SDK 2019.1



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Re: TE0820+TE0706,running Linux and FreeRTOS parallel
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2019, 09:21:35 AM »
I've no experience with multiple os. As I know you must pay attention  with shared memory and also with resets --> the post default procedures resets CPUs on initalisation, so  it can happends that the second OS resets first one on initialisation procedure, if you pay no attention for this.

Please check also:

Maybe it's also good to write on Xilinx forum for this topic.