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Can jtag_hw_arrow_usb_blaster.dll be modified?

Started by blipton, March 18, 2019, 09:30:30 PM

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We are interested in incorporating the Max1000 reference design for a product, but need to use the FTDI 4232H (VID/PID (0x0403, 0x6011) instead of the 2232H (VID/PID 0x403/0x6010).

Unfortunately, Quartus programmer and the jtag_hw_arrow_usb_blaster.dll does not recognize the FTDI's 4232H.   The dll has a function called 'get_supported_hardware' which I assume would need changing to support the 4232H?

Interestingly, if I briefly plug in the 2232H and remove..  THEN Quartus can use the 4232H as a usb-blaster!!

If the dll cannot be modified and since JtagServer.exe needs to detect the 2232H at least once,
"1) Arrow-USB-Blaster [USB0]"
before Quartus will work with the 4232H.. I'm wondering if there is a command-line way of forcing it to register the Arrow Blaster (2232H) without having to plug it in?

I tried 'jtagconfig --add Arrow-USB-Blaster USB1' but no luck.

Antti Lukats