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MAX10 ADC channel numbering

Started by, October 26, 2018, 05:23:16 PM

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It seems that I have to use

channel No 02 in order to access J1-pin2 AIN0=ADC1IN8 FPGA pin E1
channel No 06 in order to access J1-pin3 AIN1=ADC1IN2 FPGA pin C2

Where is the correspondnce FPGA-pin / ADC channel number documented?


I have a correspondance channel ADC issue. Could you please help me ?

Even if i write a sequencer or i use the modular_ADC_core sequencer, the channels i use are changing with the IP bloc params.
It's my problem and i don't understand why.
Example :
Select 8 slots, affected to 8 channels : slot1 to ch1.... slot 8 to ch8.
But I have AIN1 to ch3, AIN2 to CH6 and so on !!

I wrote a avalon Master sequencer in SpeedTest Sequenceur\avalon_ADC\avalon_ADC.v
The program top.v does nothing but call the adc design in qsys.
The output registers are used to inspect the adc output data_ADC with the signa tap logic analyzer.

Find enclosed my little code.
Thank's for help

Thomas D

did you note the pin assignment in the schematics?
For pin assignment between the channels and the FPGA pins you have to look here and in the schematics (see screenshot for example).
TEI0001-03-08-C8 example: CH1 -> ADC1IN1 -> AIN3 (Pin D1)