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Ethernet and uboot on TEBF0808

Started by Chris12, October 18, 2018, 02:06:27 PM

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I'm trying to bring up my brand new MPSoC module.
My goal is to have uboot on SDCard, then load a VxWorks kernel through TFTP.

But I'm having troubles with Ethernet and UBoot.
i'm using the boot.bin image from the starter kit (StarterKit\prebuilt\boot_images\6eg_1ee_sk\u-boot)

Once uboot is started, ping my laptop from uboot, but pinging uboot from my laptop fails.
I need to mention that it works fine with another EVM I have, so it's not a problem from my laptop.
network mask is same.

I'm using a dlink usb to ethernet adapter between the laptop and the board.



uboot is default configuration from petalinux. Firewall of your PC is deactivated if you test direct connection? Can you try out without firewall (disconnect laptop from "real network" before you deactivate the firewall).

Does Uboot get an IP from your rooter if you connect ETH to your normal network. IF you use also our petalinux, does ETH works there?

Which Starterkit design version did you download? From 2018.2?



I'm not using Petalinux: I just grabbed the BOOT.bin file from the starterkit, that's all.
IP address is statically defined in uboot (ipaddr env variable), as well as netmask and gateway ip.

When booting VxWorks kernel (from sdcard), it works: I can ping in both directions with same ipaddr, gateway, netmask than uboot
This means my laptop config is ok and the firewall is not blocking the connection

So my guess is that something must be wrong in the uboot config, but I can't figure out what it is.

Oleksandr Kiyenko


If you able to ping your PC from u-boot it means that network is working. Think that you can't ping u-boot from PC because u-boot is not OS, and have no permanent ICMP service. Think that u-boot
process ICMP packets only when it waits for a response for its own ping request, but not all the time.

Best regards
Oleksandr Kiyenko


Ok, makes sense.
Thanks for the clarification.