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Weird baud rate

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Please now tell us what firmware version(s) have all the modules with the same code on the back as the one with the weird baud rate.


--- Quote from: mscaff on November 12, 2010, 05:46:35 PM ---I do not have the firmware version right now, I'll try to get it in the weekend.

--- End quote ---

Dear Mauricios,
as you did not provide us firmware version(s), I will try to provide some general answers to this issue.

* the 24400 baud rate does not belong to the MediaTek baud rate specification
* please disconnect the VBackUp pin and power off / wait / power on the GPS module (by the way, you already did this)
* connected the VBackUp pin, send the MediaTek command
  $PMTK251, 38400*27
to GPS module and power off / wait / power on the GPS module
* send the MediaTek packet
to module to get the firmware version (by the way, this will not solve your issue, but will help your technical support representative)
If nothing of the above items helps and you are not happy with this behavior, please contact your GlobalTop supplier.
Without any further information, I consider this post closed.

Sorry about the long time to reply to this topic.

On Startup the module sends the following:


And as reply to the PMTK_Q_RELEASE command:


Thanks, again, Mauricio

I forgot to tell,

Sending the $PMTK251,38400*27 command does nothing...
The module still @ 24400 bps :(

Dear Mauricios,

we reviewed your issue carefully. It can be basically two things:
- firmware issue
- hardware issue

Firmware issue: we have ready exactly the same firmware version as you have. We propose you to try flashing your unit using this exact same firmware. If you experience troubles getting the firmware to flash, try powering on the GPS module just before pressing the "download" button in the firmware flash program.

Hardware issue: our initial assessment is that the TCXO or the crystal inside the module has probably malfunctioned, leading to the incorrect timing of the UART port; this may be due to either a faulty module or possible problems with the power source

Recommended support strategy for your case:

* email us to get the recovery firmware and the flashing tool
* flash your module with the recovery tool
* test you rmodule again
* if the problem occurs again, we assume it is a hardware problem and please contact us to open an RMA


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