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Reference designs - Camera stream

Started by manuwestern, February 04, 2020, 10:59:46 AM

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I have downloaded the reference design 2 with Debian stretch for vivado 2018.3.
I want to use ffmpeg or gstreamer to stream the camera video over ethernet, so that other clients can see the video.

How can i access the camera video stream source?

Manuel Bayer


camera picture is stream into part of the memory. How start camera stream and get access is shown in demo 1(streamed to HDMI) and 3 (make screenshot with fbgrab app).

Demo2 stream GUI to HDMI instead of camera data. You must enable camera (send command over EMIO(see enable script on demo1/3)) to stream data into the DDR. Read this memory area and use like you want.


Oleksandr Kiyenko

Hello Mr. Bayer

this project is a simple demo and not fully integrated into the Linux Video system. Camera capture is working "without" the real driver, the video stream from a camera is just transferred to the
RAM framebuffer. This solution make soft very simple and allows use of this project for standalone projects also.
To use capture functions for streaming you probably need to make your own DRM driver for VDMA, unfortunately we don't have an example for you.

Best regards
Oleksandr Kiyenko