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USB Issues - TE0803 Starter Kit...

Started by aikijw, June 18, 2018, 09:50:47 PM

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Good afternoon!

Does anyone have an experience with successfully using the USB ports on the TEFB0808.

I've been able to successfully boot from an SD card, and have used both the prebuilt image and a freshly generated Petalinux image and in both cases I don't seem to see devices plugged into USB.

Over the weekend I got Ubuntu 16.04 up and running, and still...  When I run lsusb... I see two hubs, but nothing else.  I've verified that my USB based GPS receiver works just fine with the laptop next to the TEFB0808... I've also verified that "USB 0" seems to be configured correctly WRT the hardware config.

I figured I'd check here first, to see if anyone has already sorted this out, prior to digging in...

Best Regards,



USB should works with  shipped design or prebuilt files from:
Which USB does not work? Connector from mainboard or from enclosure? USB2 or USB3? OR both?

Can you send me the serial numbers of the carrier and the module to . I will check one time protocols of the boards.



Thanks for the quick response...

All I can say is...  Ah HA! :-)

I took a crack at this after sleeping on it (with a fresh cup of coffee)...

The Si5338 wasn't being initialized by the FSBL!    Somehow, when building from the non-prebuilt tarball, it looks like pristine FSBL code is being pulled in! 

When I hammer the prebuilt FSBL into place manually, the USB ports work just fine... (at least USB2 does... :-))

I wanted to follow up with a post here for archival purposes (hopefully someone will benefit)



Please, ignore my email to the support list...   



I swapped the prebuilt FSBL binary into my BOOT.bin build process, and everything seems great!

Verified that Ubuntu is now seeing the USB ports *and* the CDC_ACM drivers are working as expected...  :-) 

Good to go!  (just need to swing back and figure out why the local FSBL source isn't being used during a normal build...)

Thanks again...