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zynqberry build u-boot

Started by svenssonjoel, March 21, 2018, 12:57:48 PM

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Hello all,

Have anyone managed to build a u-boot.elf that works for the zynqberry from the source at ?

If one browses the web with newbie eyes on how to build linux for zynq one can quickly get very very confused.

The petalinux approach to making a linux I have gotten to run (also after headaches ;) ) and that procedure creates a u-boot.elf at one point.
Now it seems one cannot mix and match these things. So if going the route of building linux based on the source found at, you cannot hack in a u-boot generated by petalinux.

So when following for example this outline of steps:, eventually it is time to build u-boot. But doing so depends on there being a pre-made "config" for the target platform.

I am asking because i need to build and run the "linux-xlns" at a specific tag/branch where a patch applies (checkout xilinx-v2015.4). But I cannot get through the steps, as they are presented, in any of the "how to build linux for the zynq"-tutorials.

If anyone have insights on this topic, I am very grateful :)

Best regards!



Petalinux used also Xilinx Github. Check Petalinux Config, you can change repo for the most thinks. So link to your local u-boot repository is maybe an option for you to change uboot source code directly.
Petalinux is Yocto based, so you can also add on recipes:
But i've not much experience with yocto.

Create all manually from github is of course also possible.