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TE0820 Default Clock Generator configuration

Started by ignacio.moreno, November 08, 2017, 11:20:13 AM

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the module TE0820-02-03EG-1E3: has the clock generator on the module (SI5338) any default configuration? Unfortunately, I couldn't find this information at the TRM (

I will use the TE0820 for an Embedded System with Linux and USB3.0. To enable USB3, I have to use a GT Lane with 100 MHz on the ZynqMP. For example, GT Lane 1 is clock 2 of the clock generator. I need to know if there is a default configuration because, if not, I have to modify my FSBL in order to program the generator with I2C. Unfortunately I cannot measure it with an oscilloscope because the generator is on the down side of the module.

Thanks in advance!




Hi John,

thanks for your quick answer!