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DEMO MAX1000: Implementation of the soft core "NiosII"

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Here are the screenshots

Thomas D:
Hi Vlad,
it looks like the clock source is missing or your nios design is hold in reset.
Are your Pin assignments correct? It seems that the part how to set the pin assignments is missing in the 'MAX1000 NIOS User Guide.pdf'.
After running 'Analysis & Synthesis' the used I/O pins should appear in the Pin Planner ("Assignments -> Pin Planner" from quartus top menu). It should look like the attached screenshot.

In the "MAX1000 NiosII Core" file is also a completed design (max1000_nios_lab_completed.7z). You can open the max1000_nios_lab_completed.par file with quartus and program your device with that design. If you don't get download errors in eclipse you can compare your design with the completed design to find the differences.


Hi Thomas,

You've made me very happy  :D

I felt there were some mistakes in the guide and I could not take it blindly as a step by step guide, but my knowledge is not that high that I would reveal all the mistakes.

I did not realize there was a complete design available in the ZIP file that I could use. Thank you for having it pointed out.
I used it, I restored it in Quartus, programmed FPGA board and uploaded the code for Nios II via Eclipse.
It works.
I am so glad.

Now I need to compare my 'failed' design with the right one to see what was wrong, and play further with Nios II while writing my own code. Lots of fun ahead  ;)

Many thanks, appreciate your time spent on it and also how directly you went to the right point.



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