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I've upload a troubleshoot guide for Win and Arrow USB Programmer driver setup files:

* hope this helps.


After trying various drivers 2.1, 2.2 etc nothing seemed to work until the following was done....then bang appeared in quartus and programmed without issues - thanks :)

Forgot to say I am using lite 18.1 so maybe earlier versions are different solutions  ;)

--- Quote from: giuliof on December 08, 2017, 03:29:09 PM ---Hi,
I had some troubles with my MAX1000 programming interface, in particular the FT2232 had default configuration and Quartus couldn't communicate with.
I made a template useful for reprogramming it with FT_PROG, you can find it at

For whom can't use FT_PROG I wrote some lines on my website.

--- End quote ---

did you try out the diagnose tool:

what's the result of this tool.

My board also is not detected.
Arrow_USB_Programmer2_diagnostic print error:
"Checking Altera JTAG server service.
- Error. The service is not installed."
But original USB-Blaster works correctly.
Quartus 18.0
Windows 7 x64

Result with the Arrow USB Programmer2 Diagnostic Program, the MAX1000 is connected, and the COM devices installed and visible on the device manager as two "USB Serial Port (COMn)", also as "USB Serial Converter A and B". Operating system: Windows 10 v1809.

--- Code: ---Arrow USB Programmer2 Diagnostic Program V1.1

Reading version info.
- Operating system version number is 10.0.17763.
- Quartus version is

Searching programmer hardware.
- Error. No programmer hardware found.

Reading registry entries for programmer DLL.
- Successful. TCK frequency is 20.000.000 Hz.

Searching programmer DLL.
- Successful. Programmer DLL installed properly.

Checking Altera JTAG server service.
- Service has been stopped successfully.
- Service has been started successfully.

Reading registry entries for FTDI driver configuration settings.
- Successful. FTDI driver configuration settings are OK.

Total errors: 1
Hit any key to exit program.
--- End code ---


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