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Basic Description:

* Notes:

* Arrow_USB_Blaster_2.0 setup files are only for MAX1000 PCB Revision 02
* Arrow_USB_Blaster_1.9 driver are only for MAX1000 PCB Revision 01Download:

* with MAX1000 and Quartus Prime device detection, try following steps:

* Removed all other FTDI devices + drivers
* Install Arrow USB Blaster 2.0
* Plug in MAX1000
* Open Quartus Prime Programmer
* Arrow USB Blaster show upCheck FTDI setup of the device:

* Download "Microsoft USBView - USB Connection Viewer":
* Unzip and start usbview.exe
* Connect the both MAX1000 separately and select USB Device on USB Viewer.
* Select "[LOC xx] Devices Connected : USB-Composite Device" and check content to find correct device

I had some troubles with my MAX1000 programming interface, in particular the FT2232 had default configuration and Quartus couldn't communicate with.
I made a template useful for reprogramming it with FT_PROG, you can find it at

For whom can't use FT_PROG I wrote some lines on my website.

I am having difficulty with the Altera Quartus Programmer recognizing the MAX1000 board under Windows 10. It works fine on a Windows 7 machine.
I have installed the Arrow USB Blaster driver package (V2.1) on two different Windows 10 machines and both act the same.
Device manager shows a COM port and two USB Serial ports (A & B) when I plug the board in. However I see "No Hardware Found" in the Quartus Programmer app. The troubleshooting notes mentioned to remove all FTDI devices(I have done so) & all FTDI drivers ( I am not absolutely sure how to do this exactly and could use some guidance). Is there anything else I can try?

I am having the same problem as rpflaum. I am running Windows 10 and Quartus Prime Lite 16.1. Everything looks alright in the Device manager. But Arrow USB blaster doesn't show up as an option when trying to use the Quartus programer. I have purchased 70 MAX1000 boards for a project so would like to resolve this problem!

on page 70 of the user manual for MAX1000 - says " in some rare cases using Windows 10 the programmer DLL is not loaded causing Quartus not to detect the Arrow USB blaster"

I opened the windows services program (services.msc) but I can can not even see an entry for  "Altera USB Blaster".

How can I start the service?



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