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TE0722 DIPFORTy1 with Xmod-FT2232H

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We've bought a set of TE0722 modules to use for some of our projects. To work with it we also got TE0790's (Xmod; to not bother ourselves with rerouting native Xilinx platform cable modules (and they are also used for other applications).
As I understand it correctly, Xmod doesn't work with TE0722 out of the box because of latter's custom JTAG pinout. Page here says it's done via freeware Lattice Diamond Programmer tool. However there is currently some kind of problem with their website as I can't download anything there for 3 days already (every product download just returns "Page Not Available") and their support is rather slow on action.

Is it possible to obtain Lattice Diamond Programmer from your site or any other mirror? This issue hinders further development because I can't access the board without Xmod (looks like I'd have to reroute either Xilinx or Xmod with patchcords after all).


did you used this link:

Scroll down and press on the name "Programmer Standalone 3.9 64-bit for Windows " in the table.
The window will changing to license Agreement.

The download works on my place. Or can you use a other browser?


Yes, that was exactly what I was trying to do (I also used the page It redirects me here:

This works also.
I used:
Scrolled down to the table at the end
Pressed on "Programmer Standalone 3.9 64-bit for Windows "
    --> Link Address:
Goes to license agreement page:{D1E1C570-75F1-4D46-B8EF-1FB222AE040C}&document_id=52058

Can you try this . Or change browser.

Tried it from Firefox, Chrome and IE - with the same result across browsers. Also tried to create another account stating residence as California (I'm from Belarus, which sometimes is given restricted access to certain tools due to politic issues), same result.

All in all I suspect it's something with the website and/or newly created accounts. I saw a post on some IC dev forum from a week ago stating that it's impossible to download from Lattice.


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