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Driver compatibilitiy for TE0300 and TE0320

Started by Thorsten Trenz, May 21, 2010, 09:02:41 PM

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Thorsten Trenz

Q: Is driver for TE0300 or TE0320 compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7?

Short answer is yes. 
Long answer: There is a known problem with the driver installation. If by any chance you miss the first driver install pop-up   (by pressing cancel, or box is in the background), Windows will use a standard driver not suitable for the module. 
You have to install the driver in the device manager yourself then.
Further, the driver currently works only on 32 bit Systems.                                                                                                           


The release of the third generation Trenz Electronic USB FX2 Suite made this post obsolete. Please access current documentation and resources here: TE USB FX2 Suite.