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GlobalTop Flash Tool user guide

Started by Horsa, November 02, 2010, 10:10:12 AM

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GlobalTop Flash Tool User Guide is not very clear, can anyone help me?

The GlobalTop Flash Tool user guide (Rev.A00) could result not very user-friendly for some readers. Here are our hints:

Read up to § 4. Then:

  • (§ 4.1) choose 3329 series
  • (§ 4.2) select serial port
  • (§ 4.3) choose 115200 as recommended (not critical)
  • (§ 4.4) select 3329 agent file
  • (§ 4.5) select your custom firmware file
Then go on trivially as described.

If everything went right, you shall expect your custom communication bit rate after upgrade (possibly unchanged, if it is the case). So, your test NMEA baud rate shall be set accordingly. Alternatively you can use the MiniGPS tool set to the expected baud rate.

The flash-utility can be unstable sometimes, give it a few more try if you are getting errors. Try turning the module on just before pressing the download button, or try switching to another baud-rate.