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ArduZynq TE0723-03M PL Clock

Started by z1990, June 10, 2017, 11:45:26 AM

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Hallo all,
I wanted to ask about the 12 MHz MEMS Oscillator on this board, to which pin is it connected? and can I read it directly from PL side ?
what is the recommended way to achieve 250 MHz clocking freqency in the PL side ?? from PS or so? ???

Thanks in advance


12MHz(U7) is for FTDI, see:

You can use PS CLKs.  Use PS PLLs or PL MMCMs to generate 250Hz.
We provide reference designs with board parts for correct PS-IP initialization. PS is not initialized, if you configure SoC with bitfile only, you must generate FSBL to get PS CLKs.



Thank you very much for your response ! it was really helpfull ...