Author Topic: Custom board xc7z010 + usb3320 dont work with usb mass storage only.  (Read 1790 times)


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Hi everybody,

I have a xc7z010_1clg225 custom board based on Zynqberry. But i have a problem. My kernel log in attached.

My custom board work well all usb device (mouse , hub, usb-uart converter ... )  except usb mass storage. I have debug it in u-boot, i see that if command which send to usb mass storage with length = 512 status return error( status phase of bulk transport run into ">PHASE" case). Get max lun command return wrong valid.
I guessed that my problem is in pcb layout. In my design zynq in SOM board and USB3320 in extention board. Trace length with them is > 60mil.
I need recomended guides about pcb layout for ULPI pin of ZYNQ.

Thanks very much.