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Magnetic Variation: finds "true north" instead of "magnetic north"

Started by Horsa, September 28, 2010, 11:09:09 AM

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Q: In Gtop-Firmware Check List-V100816.* and Gtop-Firmware Check List-V100813.* there is a commercial image:
Magnetic Variation: finds "true north" instead of "magnetic north"
Could you please explain this statement?

That is a typo. The correct sentence shall be "Magnetic Variation: finds "true north" and "magnetic north".
Standard firmware provides just the true North.
Extended firmware (available for free on request) embeds also a declination table and finds also the magnetic north. So if the user uses an electronic compass (typically fixed to the magnetic north), he/she can use this angle of declination to find out where the true north lies. This is typically used for navy/marine/military applications based on our experiences.