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ZynqBerry prebuild hdf with ethernet support

Started by ccortiz, January 18, 2017, 11:20:05 AM

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I'm a begginer with Zynq Platform and TE726-3M board, so all is very hard to me.

I would like to know if there is a test_board.hdf that I could use to make a stand-alone or freeRTOS application with ethernet support. Now I am using test_board.hdl located in folder "test_board\prebuilt\hardware\te0726_m".

Trying to create a new freeRTOS app with the template "FreeRTOS IwIP Echo Server", SDS says "This application requires an Ethernet MAC IP instance in the hardware".

If there is not a prebuilt hdf file with ethernet support, What should I do?
I guess that it is not a trivial task because I see thar ZynqBerry uses then LAN9514 chip to get PHY.

Any clues?


Oleksandr Kiyenko


You can't use Zynq hardware Ethernet controller with TE0726 as it not conneted to external PHY chip. TE0726 use USB PHY to access Ethernet.
So you can't use "FreeRTOS IwIP Echo Server" template with this board. Think that only way that you can try it's to build OS from other template, which not requre Ethernet
connection an then configure USB/USB Ethernet if it possible. Or you can use other board with configuration which pass for this template.

Best regards
Oleksandr Kiyenko