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TEBF0808 SDSoC: /dev/uioX are not found

Started by lukasc, December 09, 2016, 05:11:40 PM

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Hi there

I am trying to get the mmult SDSoC sample project working with the TEBF0808.
I downloaded the SDSoC platform from I then followed your instructions on with Variant b, created the SDSoC project, built it, put the image on the SD card, starting the device, etc.
However, i noticed that I then could not connect to the TCF agent. So I chose to connect using UART, mount the SD-card, and run the binary. It then fails due to missing /dev/uio1 , ... , /dev/uio4. These devices are indeed missing. A similar problem is reported here: My next try would be to follow this approach and manually build the platform's OS image with Petalinux. But I thought to first ask whether there are some commonly known pit-falls which I might have tapped into -- since I can't get the example project working with the provided platform.

Best regards,



UltraScale+MPSoC System and SDSoC is currently only beta version.
For example, the SDSoC platform project must contain the Xilinx evalboard name "ZCU102" in the project name, to create the configuration files with Xilinx SDSoC (SDSoC use only the correct processor settings for the ZCU102, it's hard coded in the SDSoC source code of the SDSoC intallation).
The baremetal matrix multiplication is working, you can try it. For Linux, you can create this, but currently it's not running (you must change device tree and petalinux configuration).
For 7 Series Zynq, you must enable the F-CLK. For UltraScale it's currently not described by Xilinx, so you must test it. See "Using PetaLinux to Ceate Linux Boot Files" page 24:



Thanks for the clarifications, John.
I might give it a try to setup the Petalinux stuff next week for a Linux setup. I will keep this thread updated with new results from my side.
Br, Lukas