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GlobalTop EGNOS SBAS: integrity or test?

Started by Horsa, September 11, 2010, 12:41:34 PM

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Q: Are GlobalTop GPS modules and receivers operational in EGNOS SBAS integrity mode or EGNOS SBAS test mode?

EGNOS SBAS is operational since October 2009. There are two modes of operation for GlobalTop modules: integrity mode and test mode. Test mode essentially receives test signals from satellites that are in test mode in addition to normal EGNOS satellite messages, while integrity mode filters out these test satellites.

For stability and accuracy purposes, all GlobalTop modules and receivers are operational in EGNOS SBAS integrity mode only, unless the customer knows what she/he is doing and asks specifically for EGNOS SBAS test mode.

The accuracy of GlobalTop GPS modules and receivers assisted by a SBAS system can be further enhanced to 2.5 m (2D RMS).