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Memory transfer speed on the zynqberry

Started by svenssonjoel, June 14, 2016, 02:13:12 PM

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Hello everyone,

If I want to figure out the speed (theoretical maximum) of the memory on the zynqberry (128MB version), is the following the correct approach ?

memory clock: 533MHz
Bus width:       16bits     (2bytes)
DDR -> Double data rate memory. 2 memory operations possible per cycle: Multiply by two

533MHz * 2B * 2(because DDR) = 2132MB/s

It is mainly the DDR issue I wonder about.

Thank you and best regards

Andrei Errapart

Should be correct.

In practice, the speed of the memcopy performed by CPU is in the order of 200 Mbyte/sec and drops only a little when the FPGA initiates DMA transfers at a rate of 400 Mbyte/sec concurrently.