Author Topic: Function of NRST_SC0, MODE_SC1, STAT_SC2, EN_SC3 and NOSEQ_SC4 on TE0711 module  (Read 3086 times)


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Where can I get information about the pins NRST_SC0, MODE_SC1, STAT_SC2, EN_SC3 and NOSEQ_SC4 on TE0711 module? Should they be connected on the baseboard? How to connect them?

Thank you in advance

Antti Lukats

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All 4x5 modules are design to be compatible to TE0720 on those special pins. The names are bit different on TE0711. We tried to make the more intuitive: the __SC__ means that those pins are connected to the system controller CPLD and that their function can be customized.

nRST ist active low config reset
EN should be kept high or open
NOSEQ no function
STAT is low when power not OK

We will update this in the documentation too, all documents are in the process to be renewed


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Hi Antti,
Thank you for the clarification :) I had a look at the TE0720 documentation(

So we will leave NRST_SC0(RESIN on TE0720) open since we want to configure FPGA from SPI flash at powerup or through JTAG
MODE_SC1(MODE on TE0720) - not connected as it looks like it is not used in TE0711.
leave STAT_SC2(PGOOD on TE0720) open
We will leave EN_SC3(EN1 on TE0720) open
No connect on NOSEQ_SC4(NOSEQ on TE0720)

Hope we are OK..
Thank you again..