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Info on TE0808

Started by avignani, March 29, 2016, 06:52:28 PM

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I would like some info about the TE0808.

As mine looks like the first user message in this group, I will of course ask:
- when do you plan to have it available, and
- how much will it cost
And then some more technical questions:
- which connectors exactly does it use? Samtec or what else?
- is it powered by 3.3 or 5V?
- are the IO pins 1.8 or 3.3V?
- will there be a version with the ZU9, or similar, without gigabit transceivers?

Thank you

Antti Lukats

for pricing and availability best send email to sales

We do have the ZU9 devices, and are waiting for PCB production, exact date is not fixed.

Samtec SS5/ST5 they are low extraction force connectors rated by Samtec up to 40Gbit/s
3.3V single supply operation
HD banks can use 3.3V VCCIO, the remaining PS and PL I/O is max 1.8V

all ZU+ devices have at least PS GT, we will have modules with smaller ZU+ too, starting with ZU3 (it is next on the roadmap to be released)