Author Topic: What is the "PedNavi" or "PedNav" mode?  (Read 7739 times)


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What is the "PedNavi" or "PedNav" mode?
« on: August 11, 2010, 11:31:50 AM »
Q: What is the PedNavi or PedNav mode?

The PedNavi or PedNav mode is a special firmware option designed for low-speed applications. It implements an algorithm  that improves drifting and reception performances under low-speed conditions. This firmware is not suitable for high speed devices (eg. cars).

The PedNavi or PedNav firmware option is currently available for GlobalTop GPS modules and they are designed for slow traveling applications. It reduces the amount of drifting through a MediaTek proprietary algorithm.

If you want it turned on, please contact us. The PedNavi or PedNav mode is not compatible with the NavSpeed or Nav Speed mode.

Currently the PedNavi or PedNav mode cannot be dynamically turned on/off by PMTK commands.

More info here: Technology/firmware/
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