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Hi there,

I am planning to include a header to use the Xmod-FT2232H in a project I am working on, to program and interface to an FPGA via JTAG and UART.
Is there more information on the Xmod-FT2232H? I am aware of the Wiki page, but I am missing details, like the schematics and information about the firmware.

Does the UART enumerate as a COM port in the Xilinx compatible version?

Great project btw.

Antti Lukats:
Thank you!

yes channel B enumerates as UART so while channel A is seen as Xilinx JTAG channel B is available for any application talking to USB UART.

We clean up a bit the HDL files and push them to the downloads, sot there will be ready to use images and source code to start your own customization - in case there is need.


I want to put an FT2232H similar to the Xmod-FT2232H on my board with an TE0712 to ease programming of the device. The wiki mentions that there is some EEPROM stuff to be programmed that the Xilinx tools will recognise the FT2232H. Is this information already somewhere? I cannot find it.


Antti Lukats:

the user EEPROM on

is programmed with uniq serial number licensed from Digilent, this is why this product has 2 variants and 2 price options, one of them includes the licensing fee to Digilent one has blank eeprom and is cheaper. As of hardware both are exactly the same.


can the material (schematic, CPLD design, ...) be downloaded somewhere? The only info I have is [1] and [2].
The pin table is a bit confusing and I need to do my due diligence on the power it can provide (I know it's limited but it may be more than enough for my application).

BTW, bought one with a TE0725 and it worked right out of the box. Good job.
Wish I could say the same about Vivado...

[1] Product page:
[2] "Open Source Hardware":


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