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TE0711 design example incomplete

Started by jhgebopt, November 04, 2015, 09:18:30 PM

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some directories seem to be not provided in the design example zip-archive:

In folder TE0711-01 there is no scripts folder and maybe some more.
So the batch files and tcl files don't work.

Could you provide a working design archive?


Antti Lukats

we are doing complete update for all design, currently with zynq based modules, artix-kintex modules follow shortly

you are correct that the 711 design files are incomplete, i updated the archive (will show up in 1-2 hours) but please allows a few days then the design will be online too


Great!  :)

Are the new designs still for Vivado 2014.4 or for a new version?

Xiao Chen

yes, what you now see is for Vivado 2014.4

we are doing also design for new version 2015.2, they will follow shortly :)


Now the board_part_files for TE0711 are missing.