Author Topic: What is the difference between PA4 and PA6 series?  (Read 8155 times)


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What is the difference between PA4 and PA6 series?
« on: August 10, 2010, 08:53:19 AM »
Q: What is the difference between FGPMMOPA4 (PA4) and FGPMMOPA6 (PA6) series?

  • PA6B and PA6E series are based on the latest MediaTek MT3329 chip, which performs more sophisticated data processing that allows for better signal reception under poor reception area versus the previous generation chip MediaTek MT3318 used by the PA4 series.
  • PA6 series antenna is smaller than PA4 series, with an overall smaller footprint.
  • PA6 series is SMD, while PA4 series uses a pin-header connector
  • PA4 series uses a coin battery for voltage backup, where PA6 series needs VBackup to be supplied
  • PA6E series supports external antenna, with antenna auto-switching and short-circuit protection
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