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National Instruments MSP/MXP connectors


Q: what part numbers do National Instruments MSP/MXP connectors have?

National Instruments MSP connector stands for Mini System Port.
NI part number: 765788-01.
Contained in the NI myDAQ Accessories Kit:

National Instruments MXP connector stands for myRIO Expansion Port.
NI part number: (unknown).

Their pin-out is documented here:

connectorfemale (e.g. myDAQ/myRIO)male (e.g. expansion boards)typesample part numbersample part numberMSPOn Shore Technology Inc: OSTOQ203251On Shore Technology Inc: OSTV7203151MXPTE Connectivity AMP Connectors: 3-1634689-4Sullins Connector Solutions: SFH11-PBPC-D17-RA-BK


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