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[Telit] What's the difference between +CMGS and #CMGS?

Started by Horsa, July 19, 2010, 04:15:22 PM

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What's the difference between +CMGS and #CMGS?

The two commands

  • +CMGS = Send Message (ETSI GSM 07.05 – Message Sending And Writing)
  • #CMGS = Send Message (Custom AT Commands – AT Run Commands)
are basically the same. The main difference is, +CMGS requires to insert data after a prompt is received, while #CMGS does not. This makes possible to use #CMGS where +CMGS would not be such as:

  • SMSATRUN service
  • TCPATRUN service
  • EvMoni (event monitor) service

Please read note 13 in Telit_Run_AT_Remotely_Application_Note_r1.pdf:
Quote13) AT+CMGS, AT+CMGW, AT#SEMAIL, AT#SSEND, AT#WSCRIPT and all commands that require to insert data after a prompt is received cannot be executed via SMS ATRUN, because the prompt is not sent back in an SMS response;