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[Telit] Are "CMUX instance" and "muxInstance" the same thing?

Started by Horsa, July 19, 2010, 03:42:08 PM

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Are "CMUX instance" and "muxInstance" the same thing?

Yes, they are.
"CMUX instance", "muxInstance", "DLCI (Data Link Connection Identifier)", "CMUX channel number" and "virtual port number" are synonims in this context.
The "CMUX instance" term is rather used for the multiplexing mode.
The "muxInstance" term is rather used for event monitoring and remote AT commands execution.

The EvMoni service uses instance 2 or 3 of the three (1, 2, 3) available to the user:

  • DLCI 0: Reserved to Control Channel
  • DLCI 1: Virtual Port #1
  • DLCI 2: Virtual Port #2
  • DLCI 3: Virtual Port #3
  • DLCI 4: Reserved for Python debug

muxInstance(TCPATRUN) is 2 by default.
muxInstance(SMSATRUN) is 3 by default.
muxInstance(EvMoni) is the same as muxInstance(SMSATRUN), hence typically 3 (as in the EvMoni application note).
As steted in Telit_AT_Commands_Reference_Guide_r7.pdf:
QuoteNote 2: the instance used for the SMS AT RUN service is the same used for the EvMoni service. Therefore, when the #SMSATRUNCFG sets the <muxinstance> parameter, the change is reflected also in the <muxistance> parameter of the #ENAEVMONICFG command, and viceversa.