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TE0720 + TE0703 - No data On UART

Started by dc352, January 23, 2015, 01:02:34 PM

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Hi all

I got my first Trenz module on my desk a few day back. All cool but I can't see any data in serial terminal.

My setup is Windows 7, 64bit and TeraTerm as the serial terminal. I can see USB Serial Converter A and B and a new COM port. The driver on the PC is FTDI. So far so good.

I can connect to the COM port, but there is no data coming.

On the module, I switched it to boot the default image from SPI. I get a green LED steady and fast flashing red LED. (And one more green LED on the opposite side of the TE0720. All looks as manuals suggest but no data coming through the UART.

Any thoughts?


Antti Lukats

The LED on the opposite side is "inverted DONE" it should go off as soon as FPGA is configured.

if the green led next to red is steady on, then the module is not even trying to boot.

Please drop me an email too, just to support@ account


Thanks for that. Actually, what I need to do at the moment is just to get to Linux on ARM core(s) so I can develop a communication layer between external Ethernet and the FPGA.


Just a note - the Green next to the fast flashing Red LED goes off after a few seconds - it is actually flashing but the "on intervals" are very short.

The same Green LED switches on again after a few minutes.


It appears one of the boards TE0720 or TE0703 is faulty.

Thorsten Trenz


So if anyone experiences similar issues, buy a new power supply!

I guess it makes sense to keep the thread here just in case there is another loser like me with a faulty power supply.

Antti Lukats


we tried here also, with our lab supply we similar behavior if we set current limit to about 0.46A, then it starts to fail to boot and loops indefinitely.

This may vary depending the supply, and cables too. So with our supply if we set the limit just 30mA about the current in ACTIVE mode, then boot succeeds.
With Wall supply rated for 1A continuous current the initial power up may have voltage drop deep enough to cause issues.