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Secure Boot

Started by s.hajek, September 15, 2014, 02:42:06 PM

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We have the following problem: We are intending to write an AES key to the battery ram. Without success so far.
We followed Xillinx application note Xapp 1175 page 30, using Xillinx Impact and the onboard programmer. The problem is that when we assign the .nkv file in the jtag chain we do not have the programming button available like xilinx shows in documentation xapp 1175.  We also contacted Digilent - but they couldn`t give any clue either.

Question: Has anyone experience with AES key programming on the zybo board using the battery backed RAM?

Antti Lukats

please check impact and other Xilinx documents as well to make sure what functions are supported: some of the functions regarding the security are NOT available on the FTDI based cables and only supported by Xilinx tools if using original Cypress based Xilinx programming cables. We do not know why, but so it is at the moment. This may be reason why the option is not available in Impact.